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The Nutrient Tracking Tool (NTT) compares agricultural management systems to calculate a change in nitrogen, phosphorous, sediment loss potential, and crop yield. Agricultural producers and land managers can enter a baseline management system and an alternative conservation management system and produce a report showing the nitrogen, phosphorous, sediment loss potential, and crop yield difference between the two systems.

Available Versions

Due to improvement of the underlying science, changes in APEX, and new functions in NTT, this program is occasionally upgraded. Therefore, for the convenience of users that used previous versions of NTT, the current as well as previous versions of NTT are available to all users.
Click HERE to read more about the differences between the Nutrient Tracking Tool versions.

Please select a version of NTT from the following list:

Version 0814 (August 2014)

See Changes from Version 0613

Version 0613 (June 2013)

See Changes from Version 1112

Version 1112 (Nov 2012)

See Changes from Version 0312

Version 0312 (March 2012)

See Changes from Version 0811

Version 0811 (August 2011)